Pussers - Spiced 70cl Bottle

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Pussers - Spiced 70cl Bottle
The hue is a deep, rich amber. As complex as the aroma promises. Fresh ginger and spice notes followed by the familiar dried fruit, butter rum, brown sugar, molasses, and soft oak tannins that are known to the loyal followers of Pusser's Rum. A soft and warm lingering finish, smooth with no burn or bitterness. A memorable spiced rum with a pleasant kick of ginger. Fresh culinary ginger with island spices, such as cassia bark, cinnamon and nutmeg, enveloping the classic familiarity of Pusser's Rum. Adding to this beautifully executed rum are notes of sultanas, figs, and apricots with butter rum, peanut brittle, and steeped sweet tea tannins showing through. Round and smooth, with a full-bodied mouth feel.
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