Santa Teresa - 1796 70cl Bottle

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Santa Teresa - 1796 70cl Bottle
Santa Teresa 1796 is a unique rum, standing above its peers in both quality and process. One of the secrets to this very special rum is the age-old 'Solera' method used for centuries by Spain's brandy and sherry producers. A careful selection of aged rum is put in the Solera, which consists of a number of rows of casks with each tier holding rums of scaling maturity. The rum to be bottled is drawn exclusively from the row resting on the floor (suelo in Spanish), which contains the oldest rums. A portion of the content of each floor barrel is drawn off, and the barrel then topped off with rums from the one directly above it, and so on. The top tier of casks is completed with carefully aged rums, some of which are as much as 35 years old, prepared to make the long journey through the Solera to the floor barrels. To achieve final perfection this sophisticated spirit undergoes a similar crianza in large French oak vats before being bottled. The rum remaining in the barrels is also known as Mother Rum. Serving Suggestions - straight up or on the rocks.
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