SteamPunk - Voodoo Spice 70cl Bottle

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Steampunk - Voodoo Spice 70cl Bottle
A blend of the finest Caribbean Rums with Vanilla, ginger and black pepper. in 1900, SteamPunk's founder's brother, Montague Holmes-Dunston, was holidaying on the island of Hispaniola (modern day Haiti/Dominican Republic) when, whilst on a jungle expedition, he disappeared for 30 days. After extensive searching, he was found in a back street bar in Port au Prince. Dazed and confused, he related a tale of him becoming lost in the jungle and how he was taken in by a beautiful Voodoo priestess who introduced him to the strange rites and rituals of her religion. He spoke of a wonderful beverage he had imbibed which was a secret recipe of his hostess. Watching closely, he committed to memory the blending of the spices and dark rums to produce the delicious spirit. Realising he would never be allowed to leave his hostess's home, he made good his escape and eventually found his way to the city. Upon returning to Britain, he, with the help of his famous gin-producing brother, recreated the original spiced rum, and it is this recipe which is brought to you today.
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