Blackwell - Black Gold 70cl Bottle

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Blackwell - Black Gold 70cl Bottle
Music icon and entrepreneur Chris Blackwell is no stranger to rum. He recalls his destiny when young was to take over the famous rum distillers J. Wray & Nephew, the family firm. However fate intervened, the business was sold in1957 and Chris sett off on another track, setting up Island Records in Kingston in 1959 and the rest is, as they say, history. Sure, maybe people like a bit of the history and things I've done says Blackwell, but I'm really only connected to this product because I think it's a truly great tasting rum. Blackwell Rum is a dark gold rum made from Jamaican sugar cane and distilled by Jamaican workers. Chris, as a Jamaican knows his fellow islanders prize the darker style of gold rums and this is his take on the local favourite.
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