About Rhum

Rhum (Rum, Ron) is a type of spirit, an alcoholic drink based on sugar cane.

Why Rhum and not Rum?
Rhum is the french word for Rum (in spanish language 'Ron') so originally it has the same meaning, just in another language.

Why french language?
Rhum was first produced about 400 years ago in the 1600s on sugar cane plantations in the French Caribbean islands.

Rhum, Rum, Ron
Today, 'Rhum' it is mostly referred to a style of Rum ('rhum agricole') distilled from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice rather than from molasses.
Molasses is the product resulting from refining sugarcane and varies by the method of extraction and give the Rum a different flavour.
In some countries like in the Philippines, Rhum still refers to just any kind of Rum, no matter how it was produced.

Wether the Rum is produced from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice or from molasses, the liquid is allowed to ferment (a a metabolic process, that produces alcoholic beverages) and is then distilled to draw off the alcohol, which is then diluted with water (like all the other spirits).
This spirit is naturally clear and both colour and flavour are added by storing in barrels or (in cheaper production) by addition of caramel or other ingredients.

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Image by Felix Wolf (Pixabay)